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Help your construction company thrive with small business accounting services designed with construction companies in mind.

No time for tax preparation?


Your time should be spent growing your business, not adding even more responsibilities to your plate.

Are you struggling to find an accounting method that’s easy to keep up with?


Entrust your construction bookkeeping to a pro who understands the industry.

Do you need to improve your cash flow situation but aren’t sure how?


A pro bookkeeper can find and fix billing errors, ensure prompt invoicing and payment, and oversee accurate job costing.

Why your construction company needs a bookkeeper with industry expertise


We Understand Industry-specific accounting practices

The construction business has unique accounting practices not commonly used in other industries. Financial responsibilities like job costing, progress billing, and retention payments are no problem for us.


Get Timely & Accurate Financial Reporting

Unlike some other industries, construction billing methods aren’t always straightforward. Having an expert bookkeeper who knows how to adapt accounting software to the construction business means complex financial transactions are reported accurately, on time, and in compliance with relevant regulations.


We Understand Project Management & Budgeting Best Practices

Effective cost management is essential to the success of any construction project. An expert bookkeeper with construction industry knowledge can help business owners develop and manage budgets, track expenses, and forecast costs–all essential practices in a volatile economy.

Bookkeeping Packages for the Construction Industry

Comprehensive Bookkeeping Audit

You need to know if your current bookkeeping system is helping or hurting your bottom line. Our comprehensive bookkeeping audit examines your records for inaccuracies and missing information, then proposes recommendations for improvement.

What’s included?


Full Bookkeeping Analysis

Including account reconciliation to check for missing or excess funds in your business accounts and analysis of deposits, payments, and invoicing data to check for record-keeping accuracy.


Compliance Check

Make sure your books are meeting all legal and regulatory requirements.


Personalized Video

Get a narrated walk-through showing and explaining our findings.


Strategy Report

Get a comprehensive written report detailing our findings + suggestions for improvement.

Bookkeeping Cleanup

Your bookkeeping records show your current business performance and where your business is headed. Our bookkeeping cleanup service makes order out of chaos so you can determine your next steps with confidence.

What’s included?


Comprehensive Bookkeeping Audit

We start with every item included in our basic auditing service.


1-on-1 Zoom Meeting

We’ll explain our findings and recommendations for moving forward.


Fast Cleanup

Your records will quickly be corrected and organized to make sure they’re tax (and audit!) ready at all times.


Final Meeting

Once your cleanup is complete, we’ll have a live Zoom meeting to discuss the improvements made to your bookkeeping system and how you can move forward with confidence.

Ongoing Bookkeeping

Hiring a bookkeeper pro means you can keep building momentum without wasting time on busywork. Our bookkeeping subscription service helps you build a thriving business while still having time for your life.

What’s included?


Discounted Bookkeeping Audit & Cleanup Service

Get a one-time discount on these vital business services.


Expense Categorization

Your business expenses will be regularly documented and categorized with special attention given to available deductions.


Account Reconciliation

We’ll compare your records to ensure all transactions listed are accurate and complete.


Financial Strategy

We’ll analyze your records for profits and losses and offer suggestions for financial improvement when necessary.


Monthly video reports

Get a monthly bookkeeping report with a video-walkthrough explaining your current and projected numbers.


Add-on options available

Add on bill pay, payroll management, 1099 service, and/or client invoicing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between hiring a bookkeeper vs. an accountant or CPA?

Bookkeepers, accounts, and CPAs all have similar and sometimes overlapping skill sets, but they may have different credentials.

Here’s a quick breakdown:


Your bookkeeper’s #1 goal is to support the success of your business by keeping your finances in order. This is especially important in the construction industry where material costs may fluctuate, cash flow can be inconsistent, and job scope can quickly change. A bookkeeper’s primary tasks are to track and categorize transactions, reconcile accounts, and to provide monthly or quarterly financial reports so you can understand the financial health of your business.


A CPA (Certified Public Accountant) has passed a qualifying licensing exam that allows them to offer strategic financial advice and consulting services to clients. All CPAs are accountants, but not all accountants are CPAs. Some CPAs offer bookkeeping and tax services, but not all do. For general bookkeeping and tax fling, a CPA generally isn’t necessary for most small businesses. A bookkeeper and/or an Enrolled Agent can keep the books and handle taxes, and they usually do so at a more affordable rate than hiring a CPA.


An accountant is a general term for a professional who is responsible for maintaining and reviewing financial records. Hiring All Trades Tax for bookkeeping services comes with a built-in Enrolled Agent with extensive background knowledge of the construction industry. This means we offer both bookkeeping and expert tax strategy and prep services in a single business.

What kind of businesses do you work with?

We work with anyone in the trades and construction industries. We’ve worked with
contractors (plumbers, electricians, drywall specialists, HVAC pros, etc.), remodeling experts, custom home builders, real estate management companies, and several other businesses that revolve around the trades and construction arenas.

What kind of accounting software do you use?

We use Quickbooks Online, a cloud-based accounting software that automatically imports
your business transactions.

Do you offer Quickbooks training?

We don’t offer comprehensive training, but we can offer mini-tutorials explaining how to accomplish simple tasks in your Quickbooks system.

How do you access my company's books?

You can send me a direct invite to access your books from your Quickbooks account.

What are your credentials?

I am an Enrolled Agent licensed by the IRS to represent taxpayers before the federal government. Gaining the EA credential requires passing a comprehensive examination. I am
also a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, an Intuit Certified Bookkeeping Professional, and a
member of the Digital Bookkeepers Association. Our highly qualified team of bookkeepers is
also equipped to handle your books following the All Trades standardized bookkeeping

Client Testimonials

“So happy I found Deb!”

“I’m so happy I found Deb! She’s made it so easy for me to focus on my work without needing to worry about anything else. She handles the tax paperwork and answers all of my questions throughout the year. She’s friendly and her prices are excellent. She’s happy to work around my busy schedule, a huge plus when you’re as busy as I am. Overall, I’m very happy with her services.”

Craig Workman

Workmans Seamless Gutters

“She is knowledgeable and quick to answer questions or suggest solutions.”

We really enjoy working with Deborah. She is knowledgeable and quick to answer questions or suggest solutions. She is responsive and patient as we need to reschedule meetings at the last minute. She is professional and punctual and we feel good with her handling our books.

Stephanie Rivera

Insight Cleveland

“I was immediately at ease.”

Within the first five minutes of speaking with Deborah I was immediately at ease. She was genuine, enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable and I knew this is someone I’d like to work with.

Mary McGinley

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