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Our Mission

We help tradesmen and tradeswomen optimize their business finances while saving them time through convenient tax + bookkeeping services.

With just a few adjustments to your strategy we can help you improve your bottom line.


All Trades Tax Service is founded and owned by Deborah Grantham, an Enrolled Agent with 30+ years of business experience.

As a native Ohioan, Deb was always impressed by the local tradesmen hustling to get ahead, even when the economy was down.

But she noticed that many business owners in the area struggled to understand their financial situations well enough to manage their numbers confidently.

Realizing these hard working people needed help, All Trades Tax Service was born.

Deb uses her background knowledge in the trades to offer a tax service focusing on this industry.

Build a More Profitable Company

Without Sacrificing More Time

The industry is governed by many special tax regulations that don’t apply to most small businesses.

Unfortunately, many companies overlook seemingly minor tax details that later lead to audits and back-taxes.

Deborah knows that succesful business owners don’t have time to waste being overwhelmed by accounting details when they have bigger fish to fry.

That’s why she loves solving the financial pain points that small construction businesses and contractors face – so they can gain control over their finances and build more profitable companies without sacrificing more of their time.

What is an Enrolled Agent?

An Enrolled Agent is a professional tax advisor who has earned the highest credential offered by the IRS. We are recognized as tax specialists who can prepare tax returns for individuals and businesses, as well as represent tax payers in audits, collections and appeals.

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